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Our startup teams represent a wide range of industries and stages.

The startups who have completed our Accelerator program come from a variety of different industries and backgrounds.

We’ve worked with both product and services startups in food, education, healthcare, agricultural, and sports industries.

Founders have been community members (30%), undergrads (55%,) grad students, staff and faculty members (15%).

“Because of the mentorship available to us, paired with the lessons we learned as part of the FastTrack Accelerator, we feel as though we are “graduating” with knowledge we thought was only available through business school.”

James Tierney
Co-Founder, Pets I’ve Met


Local startup featured in Newsweek

Giving a voice to the voiceless. Mary Elizabeth started on her journey as a freshman at the Altoona campus. She was one of the 1st groups to go through our Summer ...


Applications open September, 2019.

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