FastTrack Accelerator

Are you ready to start building your business?

Once you really understand your customer, it’s time to start testing the market. The tough part is figuring out how and what it all means.

Our 15-week FastTrack Accelerator helps you:

  • avoid common startup mistakes,
  • build an actionable plan to launch your business,
  • test the market quickly with “smokescreens”, and
  • build a solution based on real customer feedback.

Participants have:

  • weekly 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs
  • access to up to $3000 in funding for customer discovery
  • server credits, SOLIDWORKS suite for 1 year, POWr plugins for 1 year
  • access to $1500 Market Test Fund grant
  • funding for intern for one semester
  • access to 80+ advisors and experts
  • 24×7 access to LaunchBox for 1 year, with space in our teamroom (start date TBD)

Applications are currently closed for our 2020-2021 program.

Applications for our next program open Fall, 2021.

Test your assumptions and the market.

Acting on a false assumption can kill your startup. We give you the tools to test your assumptions, toss out the ones that are inaccurate, and focus on the ones that are true.

You will:

  • Document and test critical assumptions that could “tank” your business.
  • Develop design criteria that inform what features you should include.
  • Rapidly prototype potential solutions and get real customer feedback.
  • Test customers’ willingness to buy what you’re selling.

Build a real company, with real value.

We help you figure out what you do to whom, why they care, how you deliver value, and how you make money.

At the completion of the Accelerator, you will have:

  • Created a formal business entity
  • Crafted a unique value proposition
  • Defined a viable business model
  • Sketched out a marketing and sales plan


“It is very overwhelming to start a new business. However, having the LaunchBox staff and advisors around to provide guidance and ask questions saved me months, if not years, of trial and error.”

Peter Isaac
Founder, Office Yum


Get $15,000 to work on your venture over the summer

$15K grant, mentors, and free software. If you have a startup that you’re ready to build or grow, check out the Summer Founders program. Startups have access to: Weekly virtual meetings and 1-on-1 ...


Keep 100% equity.

All our services are free of charge. We take zero equity in your business and charge no rent to use our facility.


Spend our money.

Apply for up to $6000 for customer discovery, interns, and market tests.


Tap into our experts.

We build you a customer advisory board to accelerate your learning and build your network.


Get free tools.

Gain access to server credits, SOLIDWORKS, and other online tools to accelerate your startup at no cost to you.


Lee Erickson

Lee brings 25 years of business experience to her job as LaunchBox coach. As the co-founder and CEO of Erickson Barnett, a full-service marketing agency, she worked with B2B technology startups and some of the world’s largest venture capital firms. She also brings hands-on experience with customer discovery and design thinking sprints to help startups drive innovative solutions that solve real problems.

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