What type of startups are you looking for?

March 27, 2017 by Lee Erickson

We focus on early-stage startups in any industry regardless of whether they offer a product or a service. Specifically, we find the best fit with startups who…

  • …have 2 or more team members.
    We have accepted teams with only 1 member in the past, but we find that teams with at least 2 team members tend to make more progress. The team can be made up of 2 co-founders or 1 founder and a dedicated team member (i.e., both team members don’t need to be founders or equity stakeholders).
  • …are in search of the right business model.
    We’re best with emerging markets and unknown for-profit business models. We can help businesses that have defined business models through our support services, but find that startups who have a number of potential ways to monetize their business are great fits.
  • ..have scaleable ideas.
    We’re looking for ideas that have the potential to grow into scalable businesses where they can hire employees. If you are working on a sole proprietorship, then we can help connect you to resources, but the accelerator is focused on scalable businesses.
  • …have already put some work into the idea.
    While you don’t have to have customers or revenue, we’re looking for teams who have made some progress towards clearly defining the problem, the target customer, and the potential solution. In short, the best fit is teams who have more than just an idea, but have taken steps to advance their idea towards a real business.

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