What type of people/teams are the best fit for the Idea TestLab program?

August 19, 2017 by Lee Erickson

The Idea TestLab is best for individuals who have identified a problem (or idea) they want to work on, but have not yet systematically collected data to validate the problem/need and who has it. We look for scalable ideas that have an unclear, or unknown business model.

We are looking for teams or individuals who…

  • …have identified a problem (or idea) they want to explore as a potential business.
  • …need help to clearly define their target customer and the value they can provide to them.
  • …are willing to learn from others by working through the customer discovery process, which includes holding 10 business interviews (customers, experts, competitors) each week.
  • …are looking to build their entrepreneurial skills by participating in a structured program that focuses on moving ideas from concept to potential viable businesses.
  • …are struggling with identifying an appropriate business model.

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